Nasrat Shirzai
ICT Goods Supply & Maintenance


We support governmental agencies, embassies, relief organizations and business firms in achieving their mission by providing a complete supply chain solution through our strategic partnerships, global locations, and exclusive manufacturers’ agreements.

Power Management System

We supply a range of UPS systems from small to large sizes depending on customer, s needs. Nasrat Shirzai ICT Services Company provides UPS and Inventor Systems solutions for Data Centers, Banks, Security Firms, Army, Telecoms Industry, ISP, s and other mission critical industries that needs 100 % uptime to get through those difficult load shedding hours & unplanned power failures.

Access Control System

We offer a vast range and versatile collection of Access and Attendance Control products and accessories, providing a complete gamut of commercial and industrial security and control solutions. Our vast range of products include harsh environment and all-weather systems. We provide a diverse range of access control systems like Card reader, PIN Code, Biometric Fingerprint and the most sophisticated Iris Face Recognition readers.

Time and Attendance Control System

We supply and install state of the art time and attendance system for management and control of your staff / employees. Time and attendance systems allows employees to clock in and out electronically for the purpose of attendance control thus putting clear records to employers. The data is instantly transferred into database software for records and monitoring of employees.

Intruder Alarm System

Intruder Alarm System prevents or reduces the risk of your premises / office from burglary. The alarm system is capable of detecting any unauthorized access to your office, home or business off-your presence. In case of burglary, the system can trigger alarm indicating danger and alerting the neighbourhood including notifying responsible personnel like owners, security guards or the nearby police station through mobile phones and other communication media. We provide intelligent Intruder alarm systems for residential homes, small, medium and large enterprise.

Fire Alarm System

We provide intelligent Fire, heat and smoke detection system that will keep your home, office or business secured. The system has a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire or heat is detected. The system if required, can be integrated with voice evacuation system which can alert the public of the possible danger and warn people of not using elevators and evacuate through emergency exit points.

Public Address Solutions

High-quality public address and voice evacuation systems are essential for dealing with information announcement, security and safety challenges. To be truly effective, a public address and emergency sound system must deliver exceptional performance and reliability. We provide systems and components for various industries and organizations including but not limited to transportation terminals, refugee camps, houses of worship, public buildings, office buildings, schools, military and other public occupied areas to mention few.

Voice and Video Conference Systems

Our line of audio and video conferencing equipment is built for plug-and-play simplicity and designed to connect you with your teams worldwide and get out of the way. By connecting our innovative, easy-to-use video conferencing solutions powered by cloud base video conferencing services, you can simply connect with your offices and partners globally and turn any place into an instant meeting space.

IT, Telecoms & Security Project Management

Nasrat Shirzai ICT Services Company has a vast experience in managing small, medium and large scale IT Telecoms and Security Projects. We emphasize on experienced project managers in managing projects that are critical and time bound by using modern project management technology solutions. We partner with our clients to provide mission-critical project management services through our Duration-Driven Methodology (DDM).

ICT & Security Out-Sourcing

We resource and deliver you an ICT system that is better, faster and more consistent, so you can focus on expanding your business without feeling constrained by your IT infrastructure and as soon as you reach the limit of your IT capabilities, you can upgrade immediately hence you are always in control. Today, so many companies risk losing their competitiveness because of old systems and the looming skills shortage. But outsourcing with us, there is no compromise.

ICT Supplies Maintenance & Support

ICT maintenance and support at whatever level and however complex, is essential to ensure smooth business operations. More and more businesses are relying on quick and hassle free ICT functions to stay competitive in today's highly globalized world and to ensure customer satisfaction through prompt and quality customer service. Thus, whether your requirement is for assistance with your internal IT support or for a comprehensive, fully managed outsourced IT function. We can offer the exact package to meet your individual needs.